Monday, January 21, 2013

Single Digit Weather

As the temperature works its way down the thermometer and settles into the single digits (with (-) windshield!) I have chosen to make myself comfortable in front of the television with a bowl of mashed potatoes with garlic sauteed in butter. On the schedule for this evening is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the only Harry Potter film left in the library) and maybe Bride Wars.

I love Harry Potter, but the Goblet of Fire is neither my favorite film or novel. My favorite novel is definitely Prisoner of Azkaban (no spell check, Azkaban, not Databank). I like the idea of Sirius in that Harry is not completely orphaned. J.K. Rowling also introduces us to Hogsmeade and its many wonders including but not limited to butter beer, Zonko's Joke Shop, and of course, Honeyduke's. I also love the passing on of the Marauder's Map from Fred and George Weasley to Harry. While I'm not a fan of dementors, I like that chocolate is the medicine that remedies the bad feelings that result from mild dementor exposure. And, I love Lupin. He's such a kind man. 

For me, the idea of the magical world is more exciting to me than the actual plot of each novel. I value the plots to the extent that they help us better understand the wonders and also limitations of the magical world but for me Harry Potter is all about Chocolate Frogs, pool sized bathtubs with exciting bubble releasing faucets, the Room of Requirement, Healers at Saint Mungoes, the incredible castle that is Hogwarts, and the list goes on (likely will elaborate in a later post, Harry Potter is a recurring theme in my thought process and life in general).

Stay warm (or cool, depending on your geographic location).

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