Friday, May 17, 2013

Finally Finished (almost)

Well, my friends, finals have finally come to an end. With the exception of a professor evaluation, some data I have to organize and stick in a folder, and packing up my room for the summer, I'm home free.

We all celebrate in our own ways. I passed many students in the campus center dressed for a night out, to which I say, good for them. Personally, I elected to spend 5 hours pretending to write professor evaluations while gossiping with a friend and reflecting on the year, and for her, her college experience (senior friend!). She's headed to another continent next year, and we watched a video of a dog dancing merengue, so it was time well spent.

Now, I plan to enjoy the activities relevant to following photos:

watching these (specifically New Girl, Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie, and Grey's <--probably first, sorry Mindy) (screenshot from on 5-17-2013)

while eating this (yes, that is a sparkling grapefruit Izze)

Cheers to another semester down. Six down, two to go. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Woof! Let the Procrastination Continue

A witty article about our favorite presidential pup, Bo Obama. It's been out for a few months but I rediscovered it last night. Power through, my friends.


image from:


End of Semester: Procrastinating So Hard

This is super cool. A carrot clarinet. I also really like the little jam he plays on it. I bet it's a lot harder to make than it looks.

Have to wake up in less than 7 hours too soon. Sending everyone happy thoughts going into these next few weeks.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Few Lessons Learned From Online Dating

So, you've finally found a few pictures of yourself where you look normal, just the right amount of attractive, but not showing much skin. Your profile is informative without being a novel and it represents your personality well with just a hint of your natural sass, but not too much so you don't scare people off. You've received some weird messages that make you feel slightly uncomfortable and now you're starting to send messages to the people you've decided are not so insane and happen to love the same Jane Austen novel and Justin Bieber song as you (and in my case, well, they're not unattractive...). Congratulations! Unfortunately, not everyone is as excited about your new-found time-suck as you are.

Here are some examples of what not to do:

Don't email your friends clips of profiles of people you found interesting. They're usually not interested.
Don't copy and paste the profiles of everyone you find mildly attractive or witty in to a document and send it to your friends on a regular basis. They have lives. They don't care. 
Don't make every conversation about who you've messaged or who's viewed your profile. The probably don't care. 
Don't deactivate your facebook only to substitute with creeping on the online dating website. This is counterproductive and defeats the purpose of deactivating said account. 

Do limit the number and length of your visits to said dating site.
Do limit the frequency and length of your discussions about online dating site.  

Basically, though none of the actions I listed is really terrible, everything in moderation. In my case, this should be amended to extreme moderation given my impending physics midterm on Friday and the lack of emails I've received from friends with respect to the number I've sent.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I Have Great Weaknesses for Tater Tots and All Male A Capella Groups

Back at school with an insane sinus infection. The first week of classes has reminded me of many things. Two of those notable things are my weaknesses for tater tots (or rather all forms of potatoes) and all male a cappela groups.

I went wild for the Glee boys in their performance at the Sadie Hawkin's dance on the latest free episode of Glee and shared many laughs with friends over "Pitch Perfect" this weekend.

Cheers for being back at school and realizing I have many more friends than I remember as well as enjoying potatoes in many forms (tater tots, fries, baked potatoes, home fries, and other types of fries). But thumbs down to a rogue sinus infection that's causing me jaw pain (?) and obscene amounts of homework.

Notable items of ingestion this week:
fried egg BLT on challah with home fries (pictured below)
poached eggs on smoked salmon with hollandaise sauce on an english muffin with home fries (photo to come)
augmentin and vanilla greek yogurt (at home I eat Phage, bought Cabot's because it was cheaper, definitely prefer the Phage, much creamier, the Cabot's is too grainy for my taste, also, definitely not worth a photo)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Single Digit Weather

As the temperature works its way down the thermometer and settles into the single digits (with (-) windshield!) I have chosen to make myself comfortable in front of the television with a bowl of mashed potatoes with garlic sauteed in butter. On the schedule for this evening is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the only Harry Potter film left in the library) and maybe Bride Wars.

I love Harry Potter, but the Goblet of Fire is neither my favorite film or novel. My favorite novel is definitely Prisoner of Azkaban (no spell check, Azkaban, not Databank). I like the idea of Sirius in that Harry is not completely orphaned. J.K. Rowling also introduces us to Hogsmeade and its many wonders including but not limited to butter beer, Zonko's Joke Shop, and of course, Honeyduke's. I also love the passing on of the Marauder's Map from Fred and George Weasley to Harry. While I'm not a fan of dementors, I like that chocolate is the medicine that remedies the bad feelings that result from mild dementor exposure. And, I love Lupin. He's such a kind man. 

For me, the idea of the magical world is more exciting to me than the actual plot of each novel. I value the plots to the extent that they help us better understand the wonders and also limitations of the magical world but for me Harry Potter is all about Chocolate Frogs, pool sized bathtubs with exciting bubble releasing faucets, the Room of Requirement, Healers at Saint Mungoes, the incredible castle that is Hogwarts, and the list goes on (likely will elaborate in a later post, Harry Potter is a recurring theme in my thought process and life in general).

Stay warm (or cool, depending on your geographic location).

Monday, January 7, 2013

Vegan Truffles

Watched Forks Over Knives with my parents the other night. I guess we might try to go vegan now. Since I'm on break, I'm too lazy to do my own research. I did skim a Dean Ornish book we had lying around though. Lots of overlap with information presented in Forks Over Knives. Both sources presented some pretty convincing arguments for "plant based diets." Too bad I love goat cheese, smoked salmon and bacon so much.

I tried making these vegan truffles the next day. They were really rich. 

Here's where I found the recipe:

Also, Hillary appears to have recovered. 
Thank goodness.